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What does an Immigration Consultant do for you?

An immigration consultant can play a vital role in the preparation, processing and approval of your Permanent Residence or Sponsorship application.  We will assist you in the following:

    • Advise you on the best program to apply through.
    • Collecting all the right documents to support your application
    • Assuring that you have translations done by the right person
    • Assist you in an efficient way to collect your information
    • Communicate on several occasions with your currently employer, local government program agent or Citizenship and Immigration Canada to help you understand what is needed in the process
    • Answer your many, many questions so that you feel confident in your application and worry less about its outcome.

Services can vary from full contract services to fully represent you or hourly consulting to assist you to complete your own application. 


Our fees are based on an hourly estimate for representation with a specific contract fee for each category.  As each client needs may be different, we encourage you to contact us for an estimate.



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